I really liked the way we were put into the situation.

I did not know what to expect, but I trusted the trainer. And it was worth it.

Everything ran smoothly, Corinne was very professional and clear in her explanations. The material and examples used for the training were useful and the assignments were useful to focus on the main topics of the training sessions and to think about the things we had

I liked the friendly approach, the fact that it was not just about lessons but more about exchanging opinions to then have a better understanding of cross cultural communication. I liked that I had time between each workshop to re-think about themes discussed during the last training so to elaborate thoughts and share feelings or doubts I had.

Corinne was very patient and she led me to learn about cross-cultural communication in a very intuitive way.

I really enjoyed Corinne these past few days. She is amazing at what she does and she created a really warm playground for us.

A really good teambuilding thanks to interactive and dynamic animation. Nobody stayed on the side of the road.