The members of a team all experience the same events from different angles. Innovative solutions may be suggested by talking through these diverse viewpoints. Encouraging interaction creatively harnesses motivation and commitment, thereby promoting productivity.

My consultancy services focus on promoting cross-cultural team management, through a cross-cutting approach, based on diverse experiences:

  • National cultures (European, Asian, American)
  • Corporate cultures (start-ups, SMBs, multinationals, public & private sector, universities, schools)
  • Professional cultures (engineers, technical publishers, sales, marketing & legal professionals)
  • Generational cultures (Babyboomers, X, Y)

Against this background, I examine interactions between situations and people in close contact and on a daily basis. I believe that strong inter-personal ties are essential to effective teamwork. In a nutshell, my offering helps people work together more effectively.

Belonging to multiple cultures

I believe we can all complement each other. I apply this approach to my own organization, working with partners.